We have a wide range of different spec lubes available.

Please contact our offices for more information regarding specific formats required. Formats include 20x500ml, 4x5lt, 20lt, 210lt. Grease available in 18kg. Smaller sizes are available on request. 



Engen Lubricants markets oils and greases to the automotive, industrial, marine and aviation sectors manufactured at our state-of-the-art Lube Oil Blend Plant together with imported products sourced from our cutting-edge technology partners. We have access to the world's high-tech laboratories for lubricant technology and this has enabled us to develop products that suit the harsh conditions experienced in Africa.

Product Info:

Engen produkte vir Landboutoerusting.pdf Engen produkte vir Landboutoerusting.pdf
Size : 772.041 Kb
Type : pdf
Agritrac Super Universal in drums.pdf Agritrac Super Universal in drums.pdf
Size : 97.646 Kb
Type : pdf
Engen Multipurpose Antifreeze.pdf Engen Multipurpose Antifreeze.pdf
Size : 300.168 Kb
Type : pdf
Engen Protecta Hi-Mileage.pdf Engen Protecta Hi-Mileage.pdf
Size : 86.177 Kb
Type : pdf
Engen Xtreme 15W-40.pdf Engen Xtreme 15W-40.pdf
Size : 86.355 Kb
Type : pdf
Engen Xtreme 5W-40.pdf Engen Xtreme 5W-40.pdf
Size : 86.339 Kb
Type : pdf

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